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  England - South East, United Kingdom

Occupation: ASW Sea King observer (a dying breed...)
Interests: Family, keeping fit, pets (two parrots, one dog, etc etc), bonsai, computing, reading...


About Ripster
I'm 40 years old, was married with three teenage kids and a veritable menagerie of animals, sadly going through a divorce at the moment... To put food on the table, and of course kits in the stash, I'm an ASW Sea King observer in the RN, joined up in Sep 89. Since then I've served in all three of our 'carriers' and a good few of the RFAs, and of course been lucky enough to visit some fantastic places... As well as Bosnia, the Gulf and Georgia I only really got back into modelling about 18 months ago, had made the very occasional kit over the last 20 years or so but really nothing much. Like a lot of you I used to build loads of kits when I was a kid, mostly 1/72 aircraft and armour ~ most of them later ended up making a single flight, in flames, from an upstairs window! And then a couple of years ago I was chatting to a colleague at work who happened to mention a kit he was building that I had always yearned after as a sprog, but could never afford. That was the old Matchbox kit of the Royal Navy's Flower Class corvette in 1/72 scale. Turned out it was still in production (!) after all those years, now being made by Revell. Well, I just had to get one, didn't I? So far she has taken me 18 months to build, and is finally getting close to finished....

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