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  Nebraska, United States

Occupation: Boiler Inspector
Interests: Ship Modeling, Genealogy, Home Improvement


About CarlOmaha
I just got back into building models in November 2007. Ships, this time. It has been about 8 years since I was actively modeling. Since I was a kid, I have built cars, planes, armor, ships, submarines, and wooden ship models. I am currently building a collection of 1/700 post WWII/Modern USN surface combat ships. December 2008 - Well, it has been just over one year since I began building model ships and my one of each class collection of 1/700 Post WWII / Modern USN surface combatant ships has grown form zero to ten individual models and sixteen ship models, total. When I have completed as many existing 1/700 models for each class of BB, CG, DD, DE, FF, etc. I think I'll move on to a post war 1/700 USN amphibious landing and assult ship collection and then maybe the CA, CV, and CVNs. I was a Machinist's Mate First Class in the Navy and served from 1982 to 1995 on submarines where I operated submarine nuclear propulsion plants. I served on USS Baltimore SSN-704, USS James Monroe SSBN-622, USS Alexandria SSN-757, USS Nevada SSBN-733, and USS Maine SSBN-741. I am an inthusiast about USN small seaplane tenders, AVPs. My father served on the USS Duxbury Bay AVP-38 in the 1950's. I have grown fond of these little ships.

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