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Building The Fujimi 1/350 IJN Kongo, Part 2

Part 12: Miscellaneous Deck Details…

A couple of corrections to the PE instructions...

From the top: the forward gun shields are mislabeled as A42. These should be A108. Note that when you assemble these, that there are exclusive left and right pieces although they aren't labeled as such- just use the etched lines that the supports fit into as your guides (they should be on the bottom of the parts when attached.

Middle: the forward small gun shield of the aft section isn't labeled. This should be A109.

Bottom: the ladders that go on both sides of the midships structure are not labeled. They should be A107. If you look closely at the illustration, at the left-most top corner of the picture, you can see an arrow head with no line or label. Maybe this was where the label would have gone, but something happened.

Next comes an issue that will pop up if you use a Shinsengumi wood deck. Among the items that you'll have to remove are two transport rails for one of the whalers on the port side. You'll have to scratchbuild these items (and makeshift cradle) after the deck is attached. I used two pieces of styrene strip measured to the length depicted in the picture below (I measured the original lines before I removed them). Two scrap pieces of PE were used as cross members with the B60 PE parts attached. Two B60 pieces go on the other side as well, but with no rails, etc., so they're easy enough.

The gun shields are attached with their small supports. The ladders and stairs have all been attached as seen on the flight deck area.

Funnel walkways and searchlights are added. The lights will get lenses after the final dull coat, so they're open for now...

Finally, the ladders have been attached to the bridge superstructure area. Note the afforementioned part A107 peeking out from the lower left...

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