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Building The Fujimi 1/350 IJN Kongo, Part 2

Part 9: Sweating The Small Stuff…

Because this kit includes all of the small items such as vents and ammo boxes as separate pieces, the deck will get more crowded as you add them. First, is the picture posted of the aft and quarter deck area with nothing on it, followed by a picture with the large boxes mounted.

These items haven't been dull coated yet, as I waited for them to all be mounted, thus their shininess and darker appearance (this also applies to the shiny parts where the CA glue is seen or where the deck has been "buffed" during mounting).

The smallest mushrooms, the small boxes, and the larger (a relative term since these things are only a few millimeters) mushrooms. They've been cleaned up, but get a further cleaning and "dusting" once mounted as it's hard to do at this stage. Regarding those vents, of the type on the left, there are NO SPARES (and only one for the right). So be careful!

And here's those items mounted (remember to compare with the previous picture)...

...after the rest of the vents, winches, etc., were installed. The empty holes are for stuff to go on toward the end of the build such as the single 25mm guns (the PE gun shields and boat rails will be added later as well).

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