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Building The Fujimi 1/350 IJN Kongo, Part 2

Part 8: The Wood Deck…
Here are the steps for preparing the Kongo's deck.

I like to seal thin wood products for three reasons: 1) To keep the wood from getting mold, discoloration, or cracking over the years. 2) To protect it from the adhesive used to glue it on to the ship. 3) To keep the wash from soaking into the wood and allowing it to only bring out the engraved details.

We tried a bunch of different sealing items and came down to three: Sherwin Williams Sanding Sealer (brush on), Tamiya gloss clear coat spray (!), Valspar Premium Enamel. Out of the three, the Valspar turned out the best for staying close to the original wood color. Here is a photo with the three in comparison on a scrap piece of wood. In the photo, the Valspar looks close to the Tamiya (middle), but in real life, worked much better at staying true to the deck color.

While I would have preferred a gloss seal, the satin seal ended up working well for my process.

The pieces were taped down on a very low adhesion tape to minimize curling and blowing away from the spray. The tape is low adhesion to keep the deck from getting destroyed on removal.

After the deck is sealed, it's time for the wash. I like to use a water based product called The Detailer, black. There is also a brown color that is useful for bringing out different effects, but with this deck being made of wood, I really only needed one wash color. The Detailer can be lightened by simply thinning it out with water.

The Detailer is applied over the surface and after it's allowed to dry, it can be wiped off the top surface with a damp Q-Tip, leaving the darker wash in between the planks- the right area of the deck shown here has had the Detailer removal begun on the right side...

Wipe off enough to make the deck and crevices the shade you want it to be. Since this kit depicts the Kongo as she appeared in the Battle off Samar, the deck will be a little grubbier from all of her constant firing at those pesky destroyers of Taffy 3. So I've left a few darker spots here and there.

The top picture is with the Detailer applied, the bottom is with the excess wiped off.

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