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  • NachiLines

Building Hasegawa's IJN Nachi

This is a nice kit overall, but extreme care will have to be given with lots of testing. Even though it's a recent Hasegawa kit, it doesn't go together as perfectly as it looks like it should... if that makes sense...

I didn't want to go crazy on this build with a million aftermarket items and super detailing. So for once I played it cool and tried to keep it fairly simple. Still, I couldn't resist adding hull lines for some extra visual interest by using .4mm tape. True, it's a little over scale, but it helps add the overall look that many IJN ships have with their noticeable lines and plates. The tape thickness is thin enough to work with, so I swabbed a thin film of glue over the tape to help lock it in, primed the model and painted as usual. Later, after painting, dry brushing helped bring the lines out.

Paints were from Gunze, washes were done with The Detailer, and powders are from Tamiya.

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