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USS Constellation, Sloop-of-War. 1854

"Den Holmes (densships) shares his complete scratchbuild of the USS Constellation in this MSW Photo Feature!

The Vessel, and model...
Designed by John Lenthall, Chief Constructor of the Navy, as a "sloop-of-war," she was much larger than most other ships of that category. Being closer in size to a second class frigate enabled Constellation to carry a heavier battery of guns than conventional sloops. Launched on August 26, 1854 at the Gosport Navy Yard in Virginia, Constellation was commissioned on July 28, 1855.

Main Battery (gun deck): Sixteen 8-inch "shell guns" capable of firing the innovative "Paixhains" design exploding shell, and four 32-pound "long guns" firing solid shot.

The Last Surviving Ship of the Civil War, the Constellation was built in 1854, has 22-guns, size is 176'long x 42'wide, and draws 21'of water. It was manned by 240 officers and men. She is the last all sail powered warship built by the U.S. NAVY, and is still in existence. Docked in the Baltimore Maryland Inner Harbor, she is 150 years old to date.

The model is made out of cherry wood, 100% scratch built, scale of the ship is 1/96. The models dimensions are 33"long x 26"high x 11"wide.
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