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USS Algonquin, WPG-75 1943

This little ship, launched in July 1934, is described as an “A” class US Coast Guard cutter, but during it’s career, had many roles to play including light ice-breaking duties from her base in Portland, Maine.

Her naval operations started in July 1941, on convoy duty out of Maine to Greenland waters. She had notable rescue missions of shipwrecked crews, and one of these is a setting for the Battle Fleet Models 1/700 scale resin and photo etch portrayal of this ship.

Vessel Data

Length-165 ft. beam 36 ft. draft 12ft 3in. ave.

Launched-25th July 1934, and sold July 1948.

Crew-62 men (1934).

Armament 1942- 2 x 3inch, 2 x 20mm – carried 14 x depth charges on two racks with 4 x throwers.

"A good break from the battleships, and carriers is this unusual little 1:700 scale resin ship with indigenous type PE. The photos, and instructions need careful study before assembly but once started everything fits into place easily making this that well sought after out-of-the-box quick build.

Personally, I change all the masts for brass, and the gun barrels also. The crew figures are on the PE but I already had some painted which I used.

The weathering is my usual MIG dust pigments – “city dirt” is a good one. The ice is white acrylic all covered with pva."

Peter F.
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