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1. 1/700 IJN Chikuma Heavy Cruiser [ 19,892 ]
by: Fred Rick Boucher
2. Building Hasegawa's IJN Nachi [ 15,312 ]
by: Dade W. Bell
3. IJN Mogami [ 14,219 ]
by: Christer Johansson
4. IJN CHOKAI, Battle of Samar [ 13,764 ]
by: Lars Juel Mosbaek
5. IJN Heavy Cruiser, Maya [ 13,291 ]
by: Kym Knight
6. Unboxing Flyhawk's SMS Derfflinger [ 12,803 ]
by: Jim Starkweather
7. USS Duluth - A Cleveland Classic [ 12,728 ]
by: Mike Taylor
8. Building the IJN Tama [ 12,445 ]
by: Anthony Kochevar
9. IJN Yahagi (December 1944) [ 12,148 ]
by: Kym Knight
10. Mother Joined the Navy [ 11,911 ]
by: Joe Szczygielski
David J. Salvin brings us another one of his ships from around the world. Here we have the ARA General Belgrano. >> READ MORE

Russell Eames took a vacation and has offered to share with us his photos of the HMS Belfast. >> READ MORE

Our talented friend from Russia, Veniamin Litvin, shares with us his eight submission. A very classy rendition of the HMS Repulse. >> READ MORE

Join MSW Crewmember Anthony Kochevar[ajkochev] as he tackles the cruise IJN Tama in 1/700 scale. His main focus of the build is improvising and scratch building details when a dedicated photoetch set isn’t available. >> READ MORE


MSW crew-mate David J. Salvin (djandj) shares a challenging build of the USS Alaska, in this "Build Story" Feature! >> READ MORE

MSW crew-mate David J. Salvin (djandj) shares a fine gallery of images along with his build story of the heavy cruiser, USS San Francisco, in this MSW Feature! >> READ MORE

Crew-mate Kym Knight (Rab) shares another of his IJN masterpieces, this time, Japanese Cruiser Myōkō, is the spotlight of this MSW "On Display" feature! >> READ MORE

MSW crew-mate Kym Knight (Rab) shares one of his latest amazing IJN builds with us here, Agano-class light cruiser Yahagi, in this "On Display" Feature! >> READ MORE


Prinz Eugen - Operation Rheinübung
by: Russell Eames
Russell Eames shares a photo display of his completed Prinz Eugen as she would have been seen during Germany's Operation Rheinübung in World War II.    >> READ MORE

HMS Naiad
by: Christian Hoeltge
Christian Hoeltge shares his latest work, a 1/700 scale rendition of the British light cruiser, HMS Naiad.   >> READ MORE

Soviet Missile Cruiser Kerch
by: David J. Salvin
Dacid Salvin shares his latest build, a 1/700 scale Soviet Missile Cruiser Kerch.   >> READ MORE

Soviet Project 69 Cruiser
by: David J. Salvin
David Salvin builds Poseidon Models' 1/700 scale Soviet Project 69 Cruiser and gives us his thoughts about the kit.   >> READ MORE

IJN Kongo 1914
by: Christian Hoeltge
Christian Hoeltge shares on of his latest creations with us of Kajika's 1/700 scale IJN Kongo.   >> READ MORE

Project 66 Russian Heavy Cruiser
by: David J. Salvin
David Salvin shares his personal review and build of Poseidon Models' 1/700 scale Project 66 Russian Heavy Cruiser.   >> READ MORE

Prinz Eugen
by: Dade W. Bell
Dade W. Bell shares one of his latest creations with us, a 1/350 scale diorama of Germany's Prinz Eugen.   >> READ MORE

Battle of Lemnos
Basilios Giehos shares another amazing diorama with us. The ship at the center of the show is the iconic Hellenic Navy's armored cruiser, Georgios Averof    >> READ MORE

HMS Belfast
by: van impe yvan
Van Impe Yvan shares a few photos of his latest creation, HMS Belfast.   >> READ MORE

SMS Falke
by: Michael
Michael Fraz shares his latest works with us of an Austrian / Hungarian torpedo boat of the World War I, SMS Falke.   >> READ MORE