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1. Le Richelieu, September 1943. [ 35,836 ]
by: Louis Carabott
2. Trumpeter 1/350 Scale Kirov/Admiral Ushakov [ 34,060 ]
by: Chuck Bauer
3. Build Up of the Tamiya 1:700 IJN Yamato [ 32,889 ]
by: Anthony Kochevar
4. Building The Fujimi 1/350 IJN Kongo, Part 1 [ 29,288 ]
by: Dade W. Bell
5. IJN Super Yamato [ 25,213 ]
by: Erick Navas
6. German Battleship Tirpitz [ 21,378 ]
by: Julian Sallows
7. BBG-61 21st Century Battleship [ 20,928 ]
by: Mike Taylor
8. Backdating 1/350 IJN Yamato [ 19,911 ]
by: Steve Joyce
9. IJN Yamato, Ten-Ichigo [ 19,642 ]
by: Louis Carabott
10. HMS Dreadnought (Rhino Models - 1/350) [ 19,462 ]
by: Martin J. Quinn
Our Kiwi friend Colin Swager shares with us his wonderful build of the HMS Dreadnaught. >> READ MORE

Our good friend Kostas Katseas has given us another beautiful build. This time he offers us the IJN Amagi. >> READ MORE

MSW Crew member Tim Parker takes us for a trip around the decks of the USS Missouri. >> READ MORE

Join MSW Crewmembers Augusto and Jorge Martinez as they take a stroll around the USS North Carolina. >> READ MORE


MSW Crewmember Timothy Powell [riceballtrp] takes us back in time with his wonderfully build IJN ISE hybrid Battleship/Carrier. >> READ MORE

MSW crew-mate Chuck Bauer (DieselDog) shares a piece of Naval History with us, two fine builds of the vessels involved in the The Battle of Tsushima Strait, in this MSW Feature! >> READ MORE

MSW crew-mate Peter Fulgoney (peterf) sends us a dazzling build of British battle-cruiser HMS Lion, as seen in 1912, in this MSW Feature! >> READ MORE

MSW Crewmember Karl Zingheim [Captsonghouse] brings us a scene from the closing days of World War II, Kanpai - Battleship Hyuga 1945. >> READ MORE


IJN Kongo
by: Christian Hoeltge
Christian Hoeltge shares one of his latest creations, a 1/700 scale diorama of the IJN Kongo.   >> READ MORE

The USS Massachusetts BB-59
by: Tim Reynaga
Tim Reynaga shares his build story and review of a Revell re-pop of the 1968 classic 1/720 scale USS Massachusetts BB-59.    >> READ MORE

USS Maryland
by: Kostas Katseas
Kotas Katseas share another of his stunning dioramas with us! This time of a 1/700 scale dockside scene with the USS Maryland!   >> READ MORE

USS North Carolina
by: Timothy E Parker
Timothy Parker shares his recent visit and a detailed walk around photo feature to the one and only Showboat, the USS North Carolina located in Wilmington, North Carolina.    >> READ MORE

HMS King George V
by: Kostas Katseas
Kostas Katseas sets sail with another watery diorama with his 1/350 scale HMS King George V.   >> READ MORE

USS New Jersey BB-62
by: Kostas Katseas
Kostas katseas shares one of his latest creations with us of a 1/700 scale USS New Jersey BB-62.   >> READ MORE

Hotel Yamato
by: Kostas Katseas
Kostas Katseas yet another of his watery dioramas...this time it's a 1/450 scale Yamato.   >> READ MORE

Battleship Scharnhorst
by: Kostas Katseas
Kostas Katseas share one of his latest commission builds of one of Germany's capitol ships....the Battleship Scharnhorst!   >> READ MORE

IJN Yamato
by: Kostas Katseas
Kostas Katseas brings yet another masterpiece of micro ship building ti light with his version of the IJN Yamato in 1/1250 scale.   >> READ MORE

by: marius chescu
Marius Chescu shares photos of his amazing scratch built 1/200 scale Bismarck.    >> READ MORE