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1. Building the Revell 1:72 VIIC u-boat [ 89,506 ]
by: Martin Noorloos
2. Peruvian Monitor, Huáscar [ 45,497 ]
by: Erick Navas
3. U-96 Type VII-C U-boot [ 39,753 ]
by: Joe Passaseo
4. Trumpeter 1/350 Scale Kirov/Admiral Ushakov [ 37,762 ]
by: Chuck Bauer
5. Le Richelieu, September 1943. [ 37,514 ]
by: Louis Carabott
6. Build Up of the Tamiya 1:700 IJN Yamato [ 36,161 ]
by: Anthony Kochevar
7. Building The Fujimi 1/350 IJN Kongo, Part 1 [ 34,274 ]
by: Dade W. Bell
8. 1:35 LCVP [ 31,417 ]
by: Ed Sarao
9. Scratchbuilt LCM6 Landing Craft [ 27,502 ]
by: Andy Wright
10. Vosper MTB [ 26,979 ]
by: Julian Sallows
We have another wonderful project from our friend David J. Salvin. This time we have the INS Viraat. >> READ MORE

David J. Salvin brings us another one of his ships from around the world. Here we have the ARA General Belgrano. >> READ MORE

Our Kiwi friend Colin Swager shares with us his wonderful build of the HMS Dreadnaught. >> READ MORE

Russell Eames took a vacation and has offered to share with us his photos of the HMS Belfast. >> READ MORE

Our talented friend from Russia, Veniamin Litvin, shares with us his eight submission. A very classy rendition of the HMS Repulse. >> READ MORE

Our good friend Kostas Katseas has given us another beautiful build. This time he offers us the IJN Amagi. >> READ MORE

In this video, we take a look at this new resin kit by JB Model, the 1:350 scale British Dryad Class gunboat. >> READ MORE

Our friend from Malta Louis Carabott brings us another one of his masterpieces. This time he has build the Revell 1/350 USS Wasp >> READ MORE


USS Constitution
by: Timothy E Parker
Tim Parker shortens his bucket list and provides us with a great photographic walk around of the USS Constitution.   >> READ MORE

USS Enterprise
by: Kostas Katseas
Kostas Katseas shares photos of his 1/1250 scale USS Enterprise!    >> READ MORE

CHN Aircraft Carrier Liaoning
by: Kostas Katseas
Kostats Katseas shares another one of his 1/1250 scale creations. This time one of Albatros Models CHN Aircraft Carrier 16 Liaoning.   >> READ MORE

Jean D’ Arc
by: David J. Salvin
David Salvin shares one of his latest works with us! A 1/700 scale version of the French cruiser, Jean D’ Arc.   >> READ MORE

by: Rade Marjanovic
Rade Marjanovic shares a joint build project of U-1407 using MikroMir's 1/144 scale U-XVIIB.   >> READ MORE

Dockside - IJN Mogami
Basilios Giehos shares one of his latest commision works with us; a 1/350 scale Dockside scene of the IJN Mogami and Submarine with kaitens.   >> READ MORE

HMS Badsworth and ORP Krakowiak
by: Keith Butterley
Keith Butterley shares his build story of the IBG Models HMS Badsworth and ORP Krakowiak.   >> READ MORE

Prinz Eugen - Operation Rheinübung
by: Russell Eames
Russell Eames shares a photo display of his completed Prinz Eugen as she would have been seen during Germany's Operation Rheinübung in World War II.    >> READ MORE

USS Hornet CV-8
by: Kostas Katseas
Kotas Katseas shares another of his watery dioramas with us. This time a 1/200 scale version of the USS Hornet CV-8   >> READ MORE

Nagato and Hiei
by: Kostas Katseas
Jostas Katseas shares another mini-sized diroramas with us! This time a 1/1250 scale scene with two IJN battleships; Nagato and Hiei.   >> READ MORE