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Tool Review
Tin Wire from UpNorth

by: Randy J. Ray [ RJRAY ]


I ordered some of this after seeing a review on the Hyperscale website. The packages are priced at 5 each, with a flat shipping rate of 2 per order. Payment is sent via PayPal (which will handle the conversion into Euros for you automatically).

There are six sizes available:

0.23mm/0.009" - 0.64" in 1/72, 0.43" in 1/48, 0.32" in 1/35, 0.29" in 1/32
0.32mm/0.013" - 0.94" in 1/72, 0.62" in 1/48, 0.46" in 1/35, 0.42" in 1/32
0.56mm/0.022" - 1.58" in 1/72, 1.06" in 1/48, 0.77" in 1/35, 0.70" in 1/32
0.7mm/0.028" - 2.02" in 1/72, 1.34" in 1/48, 0.98" in 1/35, 0.90" in 1/32
1.0mm/0.039" - 2.81" in 1/72, 1.87" in 1/48, 1.37" in 1/35, 1.25" in 1/32
1.3mm/0.051" - 3.67" in 1/72, 2.45" in 1/48, 1.79" in 1/35, 1.63" in 1/32

The amount in each package varies based on the thickness; there is more length in the smaller diameters. I don't know the exact amounts, as I haven't measured each one individually.

When I placed my order, the fellow answered within a day. Once the funds were sent via PayPal, the order was shipped within a week. I was sent an e-mail when the shipment went out, and it made it to my front door (Finland to California) in about 5 days.

The price is on the edge of steep, for ordinary tin wire. However, the smaller sizes can be very difficult to find in ordinary stores and there is a lot to be said about the convenience of being mailed to your door.

Highly recommended.
Varying sizes of soft tin wire in individual packaging.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: Other
  Suggested Retail: 5 Euros/pk
  Related Link: Upnorth website
  PUBLISHED: May 11, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

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