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I took some pictures of some built-up new and upcoming ship model releases when I was at the iHobby Expo in Cleveland.

The 1/200 Bismarck, 1/35 PT-109 and 1/350 USS New York will be out before the end of this year, the Vernes Nautilus should be out early 2013 and the 1/48 U-boat will be out later in 2013
Photos of the MANY kits displayed in the 2011 Tokyo Hobby Show, including several of the new Tamiya Yamato kit.
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Rob Kernaghan and Tony Lawrence of Dorking Models (master maker and caster) have filled one of the most important lacks in the Cold War NATO navies in 700 scale. So with some work, you can have one of the "Horse Neck" frigates in your collection.
Steve Neill of SubPirates Hobbies is about to release his first boat kit, a 1:25 scale BK1125 Bronkater Soviet armored gunboat.

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Once again, the Network was represented at the annual Nuremberg Toy Fair. Here's the first (general) report.
PDI Modeling Supply has decided to close up shop.
Mike Bass of Stevens International has informed us that Congressman Andrews will be re-introducing the Military Toy Replica Act as both a stand-alone bill as well as attempting to have it included as a part of the 2008 NDAA (the Department of Defense’s annual authorizing bill). The 2007 list of House and Senate Armed Services Committee members are being posted shortly. Here is the House list (the Senate list will be forthcoming as soon as their web site is updated with the new members): http://armedservices.house.gov/list_of_members.shtml

It appears that the tactics of the licensors has lightened just a bit for now, but it is assumed they are simply waiting to see whether Congress loses interest in this issue. Therefore, our efforts need to continue, and Congressman Andrews remains committed to passing this legislation. Here is what needs to be done by our membership at this time in order to continue our quest to get this important piece of legislation passed:

From the list on the above web link, please call the Washington DC office(not your local office) of HASC members in your state. You can click on their names to obtain the contact information from the members own web site.
Ask for the aide in charge of military affairs. Explain to that person who you are and that you are calling to garner support for the Military Toy Replica Act when it is reintroduced shortly by Congressman Andrews(there is no new Bill number yet assigned to it).
Explain briefly what the Act is, in case they do not know, and also explain in dire terms why you need this legislation passed. Be sure to tell them that your business will suffer if it is NOT passed.
Get the name and extension of the person to whom you are speaking, and ask them to contact you (or ask when you can contact them again) to confirm that the legislator you called will support us on this.
Let it be known that they may contact the office of Congressman Rob Andrews(D-NJ) for additional information on this Act.
At the point your legislator has confirmed support, please be sure to let Mike Bass know so he may confer with Andrews' office on this. It is very important that Congressman Andrews knows who is with him in this effort.

The largest Civil War re-enactment West of the Mississippi is held in Fresno, California each year in October. This year the all-day event will also feature an exact to scale replica of the CSS Hunley, the world's first successful combat submarine used by the Confederacy during the American Civil War. The exhibit will include all the stories of it's creation, it's famous voyage and the mystery of it's disappearance.
Cottage Industry Models has released their updated 1/24 scale cut away model of the CSS Hunley.....