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News in from Dragon Models Limited, an updated product poster of the "Premium Edition" Bismark!
News in from Revell of Germany, details of the upcoming January release of the German Aircraft carrier "Graf Zeppelin".
Updated News and Images gives us a closer look at DML's early December release, the "U.S.S. Momsen DDG-92 "!

New Images in from Italeri Models highlighting the very soon to be available Elco 80 PT Boat!
First Images in from Bronco Models, of their latest offering for the shipwright in 1/700 scale.
MSR-$29.98 USD
Release Date: February '07
More details will be reported as they come in!
Here is this weeks "Naval Photo Of the Week" for 12/11/06.

Remember, if you've got a great photo, young or old, Royal, German, Italian, or ANY Navy, and would like to share it with us, then by all means, send it in to us HERE!

NEWS in from Hasegawa Models of their latest offering in 1/700 scale aftermarket accessories.
Here is the latest new release announcement sent from Revell of Germany, the Kit #05028, Admiral Graf Spee in 1:720 scale.
NEWS in from John Snyder, of White Ensign Models, fixing the price on their upcoming A/M newbies in 1/350 scale!
Here is the latest scoop on Trumpeter Models upcoming December/January 1:350 Scale airwing re-tooled, re-releases!
An update/announcement from Trumpeter Models,of some very nice looking releases and re-tooled re-issues.
News in from Dragon Models Ltd., details on the latest re-issue "Premium Kit", in 1/700 scale injection AND slide mold plastic, German Battleship Bismarck!
News just in from Hasegawa Models, two new IJN cruisers added to their fine line of 1/700 scale vessels.
News in from Osprey Publishing, two interesting new releases for us shipwrights!
News in from across the pond, Trumpeter Models sends us an announcement of the Russia Navy Udaloy Class, "ADMIRAL PANTELEYEV", in 1/350 Scale injection.
NEWS, and first images in to the MSW News feed! Lionroar Model Arts Co. sends us an announcement with first close up images of their upcoming 1:350 scale detail up conversion kit, 1945 Yukikaze (for Hasegawa)!
Ahoy mates!

Here is this weeks Naval "Pic-of-the-Week", sent in by Kenny (Gator) Loup. Thanks Gator!
Here is a News annoncement, complete with images of two new and very interesting photo-etch upgrades, both for 1/700 scale, WWII IJN vessels!
Ahoy, mates!

In an ever present, ongoing attempt at bringing you fresh news, items of interest, and other stuff, we're going to try a new weekly feature, "Navy Pic of the Week". . .

If you've got a great photo, young or old, Royal, German, Italian, or ANY Navy, and would like to share it with us, then by all means, send it in to us HERE!

And if this proves to be a popular section, then maybe we can expand into a daily feature!
News in to the MSW News-desk. . .
Paper model kit manufacturer MODELIK sends us an announcement of two new additions to their large line of subjects.
NEWS just in to the MSW Newsfeed!
Attention Revell 1/72 GATO owners (and future owners!)
Here's a new set of highly detailed 1/72 scale white metal figurines to compliment that big, beautiful chunk of plastic!
Here's an announcement from Zvezda Models, of two interesting sailing ships of yore, scheduled for a December release!
News in to the MSW News Desk!
Three exciting new releases, all in 1/700 scale plastic injection, J.M.S.D.F. subjects from Pit Road Models!
In an ongoing effort to bring you the latest, here is a set of exclusive trade show images of Hasegawa Models upcoming 1/350 scale "Soya", complete with photo-etch enhancements!

Advance News from new Germany based A/M ship accessory manufacturer, BMK, of two upcoming releases added to their growing line of unique and interesting upgrade kits.
News in to the MSW News desk. . .
Two new releases from Fujimi, both in 1/700 scale, IJN subjects submarine "Otsu/Hei" , and destroyer "Tachibana/Nashi" !
Spanish miniature manufacturer Andrea Miniatures has recently announced their November 2006 new releases. This month, in addition to their latest figure releases, Andrea have announced the release of an amazing limited edition 54mm U-Boat cross-section!
Here's an advance announcement from Hasegawa Models focusing on two interesting releases for February, 2007!
Dragon Models Limited latest "Premium Edition" kit, available soon!
NEWS in to the MSW News desk. . .

MSW's own Kenny Loup (Gator) sends us news from the swamps of a new mask subjects that he is starting to reproduce for his company, Gator's Paint Mask.

He has just announced that he will be adding new masks for "Torpedo boats" Camouflage markings for the American PT, German E-Boat,and British MTB!
NEWS in to the MSW news feed. . .
Trumpeter Models sends us an advance announcement focusing on two new March of 2007 releases for the shipwright! Read the details and check out the early box-art illuatrations!
NEWS in from Hasegawa Models. . .
In a previous MSW News story, we reported news of this interesting new limited edition kit, in a brief announcement seen Here!

Now, we will take a closer look at this upcoming release, scheduled for the end of December this year!
Pit-Road Models sends us an advance announcement featuring two exciting looking USN Amphibious ship offerings in 1/700 scale injection!
News in to the MSW newsfeed,
Revell of Germany brings us advanced details and box-art of a new and upcoming March, 2007 release, harbour tug boat "Smit Houston", in 1:200 scale!
Here's an equally new and notably interesting release in paperback from Osprey Publishing!
News in from across the pond to the MSW News desk!

Here's two new upcoming releases from Zvezda, two highly interesting (and most different!) kit subjects in mind!
News in to the MSW News desk. . .

JAG Collective, Florida based model laking studio, has just released another fantastic looking model kit, this time in 1/700 scale resin, the "USS Bainbridge (CGN 25)"
NEWS in from across the pond to the MSW news desk!
Dragon Models Limited has announced their latest offering, in 1/350 scale, the U.S.S. Momsen DDG-92!

News in from Revell of Germany, of a new and VERY exciting looking Military Small Craft release!!
News in to the MSW news desk!

Two new and very interesting looking photo-etch sets from White Ensign Models!
Well, the wait is over, mates!
Here they are, the elusive first images of the new and very soon to be released 1/72 scale GATO, from Revell Models!
News in to the MSW Newsdesk!
Pit-Road Models sends us news and images of some of their upcoming releases!
Here's News of yet ANOTHER 1/35 scale German "Lindse" Boat, being offered to us shipwrights this time by Das Werk Miniatures!
News in to the MSW Newsdesk!

Here's a most welcome addition to MSW's databanks of new vendors, a German based manufacturer of turned barrels and after market accessories concentrating on the shipwright, Modellmarine.de shop!
NEWS in from figure producers Hecker and Goros, of a fine looking new three piece German Navy figure set!
NEWS in to the MSW Newsfeed. . .
A HUGE image update sent from across the pond from U-Models, France!
News in from across the pond at Pit Road Models, some exciting joint venture projects to be released this month.
News in to the MSW Newsfeed!
Dragon Models Limited sends us NEWS and images of their next exciting release in 1/700 scale plastic, the USS Pinckney DDG-91, Arleigh Burke-class destroyer!
In a follow up NEWS story, John McNenney of Military Miniatures Warehouse has news of a new item available from Cottage Industry Models, producers of fine Civil War era naval vessels and ship guns. The release is a "mother of all Civil War model kits", a rendition of the Union ironclad "USS Monadnock" and will be available in October.
Mig Productions has just announced that they are now producing their BRONEKATER patrol boat in the smaller 1/72nd scale...