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Monday, July 20, 2009 - 10:55 AM UTC
Messrs Wink Grise & Dougie Martindale being the good guys at Accurate Model Parts have been very busy of late and have announced a new U-Boat upgrade set the1/72nd Type IIA U-Boat Upgrade Set.

This set will available very soon and the suggested retail price has been advised as US$59.95.

We understand that this set is primarily designed for the 1/72nd Special Navy Type IIA U-boat kitset. This set has been researched and designed based on a combination of plans and period photos in order for the model shipwright to build an exceptionally accurate Type IIA model. For example the Special Navy kit has the free-flooding vent holes that are a hybrid of the Type IIA and the Finnish museum boat Vesikko. The Accurate Model Parts set aims to correct the Vesikko-only features in favour of parts that are prototypical of the Type IIAs.

The set contains 328 parts contained in 4 photoetch frets, 6 resin pieces, decals, flags and a brass name plate.

The update set features includes:

  • Fret 1 comprises of two brass deck sections to replace the kit deck which features corrected main slot sizes (width, length and space between slots) and a much improved deck pattern. Foldable tabs are included along the sides of the deck sections for ease of fitting and improved adhesion to the hull;
  • Fret 2 comprises of 164 parts (hull 30 parts, outside tower 19 parts, inside tower 54 parts, deck and jumping wire 61 parts). This fret includes hatch scribe templates, drill templates, tower seats, bulwark strengtheners, parts to build a magnetic compass, parts to improve the hatch, jumping wire supports and tensioners, bollard bases and tops, fairleads, markers and an air identification plate plus assorted ECM and direction finding antennas;
  • Fret 3 is a smaller fret with 8 ventral door pieces, 4 deck seats and one brass nameplate;
  • Fret 4 is a thinner fret with 143 parts (hull 35 parts, outside tower 50 parts, inside tower 22 parts, deck 36 parts). The fret includes metal deck hatches, deck hinges, bow number plates, UT circles, GHG circles, foghorn base, railing supports, fairleads, and other pieces of extremely small size. The two sections of deck at the bow and stern are also included;
  • 6 resin pieces) There are two 63mm-long resin pieces in our set for the ventral area of the keel. There are also two resin wedges to assist in the fitting of the deck, plus a voicepipe and a foghorn;
  • A waterslide decal sheet, printed by Fox Transfers, consists of the following white markings: waterline draft numbers (6 sets – 3 per side), tower U-numbers for U 2, U 4 and U 5, and U-numbers for the tower lifebelts. Please note: that these decals are only available as part of this set and cannot be purchased separately;
  • Two fabric flags of the early tricolour with cross design are included (Reichsmarine to May 1935);
  • A 1/72nd plan is printed on A2 sized paper and on the plan there is a side profile to allow the model shipwright to accurately position the AMP parts on the kit hull, together with a top view of the deck to allow placement of the deck parts, and six tower side profiles;
  • Instructions comprise of a 28-pageA4 size booklet, with approximately 45 drawings. In addition, there are four A4 sheets with enlarged views of every brass part in the set;

The full details of the set are outlined below:

1/72nd Type IIA U-Boat Upgrade Set
Manufacturer: Accurate Model Parts
Scale: 1/72
Regular Price: Approx. US$59.95
Release date: Available shortly
Item code: AMP 72-01

Whilst we have yet to see images of the actual set I believe judging by the above outlined features of the update set the words “comprehensive” and “thorough” come to mind straight away.

Please note that these prices are approximately and indicative only as supplied by the Vendor.

The final precise retail price of any item to a purchaser can be uncertain at any time due to various variables.

Therefore we recommend that the final precise retail price should be verified with the Vendor.

We will of course update you as and when more information comes to hand.

Specifications and images courtesy of Accurate Model Parts.

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The set is ready and available for sale: http://amp.rokket.biz/am_type2set.shtml 328 parts - PE, resin, flags and decals, US $ 59.95 +shipping ($5 or $8)
JUL 30, 2009 - 12:23 AM
Hi Wink Thanks for the superb update. All I can say is wow the set looks great in the images. Cheers Sean
JUL 30, 2009 - 10:11 AM

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