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Thursday, July 07, 2016 - 08:26 PM UTC
Trumpeter has announced the September 2016 release of TRP06801, a Massive 1/48 version of the German Type VIIC U-Boat in 1/48 scale.
U-552 in 1/48 scale. WOW!

The new sub is listed by Hobbylink Japan http://hlj.com/product/TRP06801/Nav at 60,800 (about $602.00 US)
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Well, this is about the same size than those big 1:200 battleships (esp. Hood), so hopefully the price would be about the same around 300$?
JUL 08, 2016 - 04:26 PM
Jimb - yes, Revell has a 1/72 Flower (to Royal Navy specifications) and a recent 1/144 release seems to be a scaled down version of that. I've seen RC'd versions of the 1/72 flower. No doubt at all that there'll be RC'd versions done for this big VIIC.
JUL 08, 2016 - 06:49 PM
Might be interested in the 1/144 Flower-class. I'm sure the AM crowd will be making replacement detail pieces for it eventually. Maybe even crew. Jim
JUL 08, 2016 - 08:37 PM
1:48... Great!... it is time for me start planning an extension to my house. This may come with an interior as per pictures shown earlier this year. And at that price, I would expect so. Cheers, Joe
JUL 09, 2016 - 01:32 AM
Thanks for the update Tim. "Wow" is certainly the word. This is exciting and within reason I reckon this will still be a popular seller with both static modelers and RC modelers. Cheers Sean
JUL 11, 2016 - 03:54 AM
Only $349.95 at Mega Hobbies (pre-order). LINK
JUL 13, 2016 - 10:44 PM
Looks like an amazing kit. I do wish they'd do a modern sub in 1/48th-like a German type 214.
JUL 16, 2016 - 08:24 PM
The question is whether the saddle tanks and pressure hull are detailed enough to open the drain holes. The Revell kits are not detailed like that, so it's a TON of work making it right.
MAR 24, 2017 - 05:45 AM
The 1/72 Flower class is plenty big enough for RC, I did it when I was in senior high school. The Tamiya PT-15 in 1/72 is barely bigh enough for RC (needs some tricks and tweaking to get it all into the weight budget). RC with forward/backward, starboard/port requires a little less than half a pound. The 1/144 Flower would also be possible to run with RC, the budget is around 0.3 kg (two thirds of a pound). The biggest problem is actually to get small propellers, 1/144 Flower should be easy but getting one for the 1/72 PT-15 was impossible 25 years ago. Now there is this manufacturer LINK Could be useful for static models too .... / Robin
MAR 24, 2017 - 11:03 PM

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